Listen to Radio Christmas
Rockin' Around, the Christmas Tree'

To commence Challoner’s annual Radio Christmas Charity Day, students and teachers paraded into school with a variety of colours and styles for their non-uniform, showing their support for this worthy charity. Radio Christmas is an initiative set up to help the homeless in poorer nations, particularly the countries of Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras as part of the Street Kids Direct charity. Closely working with the school, we raised a substantial amount of money to help people in need this year.

Not only does this organisation provide relief for disadvantaged children in distant corners of the globe, but this year, students at Challoner’s have been given the opportunity to host parts of the show after the ‘stage’ was set up in the Cafe Africa. Lasting this seasonal month, many boys have seized the opportunity to present the show, which is broadcasted on 87.7FM.

The charitable aim has raised over £5,500 and is set to raise much, much more, being less than a third of the way through its broadcasting period. Involving many schools from the local area this year, this has been by far one of the most successful charitable initiatives that our school has been involved with.