The Brass Ensemble were a smash hit
Hot food was a necessity!
Plenty of stalls sold sweets

The annual Christmas Fair, a highlight of the autumn term for many, happened last week and included many classic attractions as well as plenty of new stalls. The hall was a vibrant haven of goodies where students and helpers sold a variety of items and scrumptious sweets. The chocolate fudge was particularly delicious, available in a variety of flavours such as mint, orange and caramel. Across the hall were hot dogs, drinks and even cake pops made to look like Christmas pudding!

Many stopped to admire the brass ensemble who provided entertainment with some traditional tunes, whilst below in the school canteen even more snacks were on offer to guests. In the Sports Hall, Krispy Kremes were available at the door and there were various sporting challenges inside, including the bottle flip challenge, basketball and the Nerf gun challenge, which proved rather popular.


This year also featured a new giant attraction - the Interactive Challenge, where guests could compete in pairs and race to press each of their coloured buzzers as they lit up. This was well used by many children (and some adults!), who took it seriously and treated it like an Olympic sport. Alongside this, the card game Magic: the Gathering proved a fair favourite once again, and Young Enterprise groups from DCGS and other schools united to promote their businesses.

The atmosphere as always was very warm and welcoming, heralding Christmas in style. All we need now is some snow!

The cupcakes were part of the fabulous food
A Chrismas Tree always adds to the festivities