Atop the world
Christmas market
Enjoying a warm drink

This year 22 boys from Year 10 flew out to Germany for a new adventure. We arrived at the airport in Frankfurt, where we would meet our exchange partners - or, in German, austauch partnerin. At Frankfurt airport, Frau Dasbach - the Head of English at the Liebfrauenschule (LFS), the school our exchange programme is partnered with - read out the names of the boys and their partners and we left the airport with our exchanges and their families: the start of ten days that we would spend with them.

Over the course of the time we spent in Germany we engaged in a whole host of activities. Highlights of these included going to see a handball match, something no-one in the group had ever done before; doing a quiz on the history of Frankfurt that entailed walking around the city centre and finding out interesting facts about the architecture and the people; and spending a day in the city of Stuttgart, including a visit to the Mercedes-Benz museum, a tour of the Mercedes arena - the home of VFB Stuttgart - and discovering the Christmas markets.

The German Exchange was huge success, and we all felt that we had developed our language skills, our understanding and appreciation of German language and culture, and our willingness to try new things. Not least, we made some fantastic new friends. A big thank you to Frau Dasbach and Frau Azeuvedo from LFS for looking after us in Germany, and to Mr Walter, Mr Cadman, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Sealy for accompanying us on the visit, and especially to Mrs Sealy for her organisation. Finally our thanks to our exchange partners and their families for their hospitality. We look forward to receiving them at DCGS in June 2017.