On Wednesday during Sixth Form games, Year 12 students took part in the first ever House Netball competition. This was a particularly exciting event as it was the first mixed house sports contest since the girls arrived at the school in September. After an initial explanation of the rules courtesy of Mr Deadman, which many of the boys listened to with confused expressions, the matches were underway and there was a tournament to be won.

The afternoon proved to be entertaining for all and the players experienced a wide range of emotions during the matches: triumph when they scored to irritation when their opponents did, and there were plenty of occasions when boys were filled with frustration as they realised that, no, you can’t run with the ball and you really can’t dribble either, even if you can in basketball. Although everyone played well it’s fair to say that a beautiful shot scored by Henry Moore right at the edge of the circle left everyone amazed and some phenomenal play from Louis Southwell, who practically flew through the air making his interceptions, meant that his team were extremely lucky to have him, and the opponents who faced him most certainly were not.

Thank you to Mr Deadman and the rest of the Sports Team for organising the event.