What a turnout - Brendan Frank, Year 7
Interactive session - Brendan Frank, Year 7

We were very lucky to have the rapper Karl Nova, come into school to talk to the whole of Year 7. The talk was mainly about what rap is about and what it stands for. He was inspired by rap when he was just seven years old and he saw Fido Dido on a 7 Up add. He said, 'When I was young, I didn’t know who or what I wanted to be. But when I was seven, my older cousin played me rap. That is when I knew what I wanted to be.'

Nova told us that he mainly writes about his real experiences. 'True Colours' is based on when he went to the O2 Arena for an awards show, and a fight broke out in the crowd.

Many of us in the audience asked Karl to do some 'freestyling', which is making rap up on the spot, and luckily he was keen to do it for us! He told us to give him seven words and he would make up a rap for us. We joined in and had a lot of fun. It was certainly not an ordinary English lesson!