In home clothes for charity - Charlie Bigby, Year 9

This charity day saw both students and staff alike sporting their own clothes in aid of Eduhaitian, a charity that helps Haitian children to achieve their education. Haiti is a small country nestled in the Caribbean, notorious for its high levels of poverty and low levels of education. Unfortunately, it is also home to conflicts and crime and was recently subjected to a catastrophically large earthquake in 2010 (measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale) which affected millions of people and destroyed many buildings and facilities including homes, hospitals and schools. It is events like these that leave countries like Haiti in a desperate situation.

This is where charities like Eduhaitian come in. Eduhaitian was created initially after the 2010 Earthquake, with its sole purpose to provide care, food and other necessities for the desperate children and families left homeless by the disaster. By working with the orphanages providing shelter for the children, Eduhaitian learned more about the fundamental issues that affect Haiti’s children. Primary among these difficulties is the lack of access sufficient education, with nearly 60% of all Haitian children being unable to complete primary school due to the high costs of tuition and school fees. We can now see that this is a serious problem for the children of Haiti and that is why charities like Eduhaitian are able to grant some children their wishes­ to simply be able to go to school.

Baking a difference - Charlie Bigby, Year 9

Altogether, we managed to raise the substantial amount of £2345.65, all of which will go to this very good cause. With the money we raised on this one day, we have guaranteed that at least another eight children will be able to go to school in Haiti. While it may not sound like much, we have made a significant difference and we have radically changed eight lives today. Any further donations you would like to make can be done so on the Eduhaitian website:


There was also a mini bake-off sale at lunchtime, with Year 8 students selling biscuits and other festive treats, and all proceeds going to Eduhaitian.­ Poor Mrs Sealy almost got trampled when the huge swarm of students, myself included, charged into the classroom, desperate to buy something before everything was sold out!

Whilst it looked like a lot of hard work was put into making these biscuits (including a very lavishly decorated gingerbread man), after 15 minutes or so of frantic buying, the only remains of any biscuits were just a few crumbs on the floor!

Thank you very much to the students running this bake-off as all of the money you raised on Friday went to an excellent cause and special thanks to Mrs Whittle for opening her classroom and Mrs Sealy for efficiently controlling the flow of eager and hungry students! Finally, thank you to everyone who has contributed towards this significant sum as your money has gone to a great cause and you have helped to change the lives of eight children.