This new take on House Drama was held over a three day period, with two houses in a head-to-head duel during lunch time each day. Volunteers from each Year 7 and 8 form were asked to learn one of two famous poems - The Jabberwocky for Year 7 and The Highwayman for Year 8 - and present it together in an imaginative and entertaining way to impress the judges.

The Pearson Jabberwocky - Ethan Tasou, Year 8
Rayner present <em>The Highwayman</em> - Ethan Tasou, Year 8
Thorne take their vorpal swords in hand - Ethan Tasou, Year 8
Beware the jabberwock, Thorne! - Ethan Tasou, Year 8

The first contest was between Holman and Rayner and it was a truly magnificent start to the event. Both houses had obviously rehearsed well, with captivating performances from each. It was a close call for the judges, but Holman came out victorious.

The following houses, including Thorne, Newman, Foxell and Pearson, were equally impressive and used many different approaches to try and impress the judges. Many of the performances made use of props and some even saw students using their own bodies to create compelling scenes. All manner of techniques were used including 7 Foxell’s ‘modern twist’ on Lewis Carol’s The Jabberwocky and 7 Pearson’s use of music in their performance. Lots of the Year 7 performances portrayed an eerie background of trees using their arms and legs to imitate branches, proving to be an effective technique.

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The atmosphere of the entire competition was very lively and it was a chance for students of all ages to improve their vocabulary and develop a love for poetry.