A rapt audience - Charlie Bigby, Year 9

Today all of Year 9 had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of meeting Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich. Held in the main hall, the talk provided an excellent way of supplementing the learning of budding historians and gave us an amazing insight into the terrors faced in this horrible event. Losing both her mother and eight year old sister to the Nazis in the ghetto in Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland, Tribich herself was forced to work as a slave labourer, and by the time she was rescued by the British army she was very ill with typhus.

Everyone listened avidly to the first hand experience of the horrible treatment Tribich received, showing us how different times could be less than 80 years ago. It really helped in our understanding of the Holocaust and allowed us to get away from the superficial images and text, and her specific details really helped bring the story to life. Tribich had an astonishing life surviving the Holocaust - we were enthralled, and a barrage of detailed questions followed. We almost ran over into lunch!

Overall, I think it was an eye-opening event. It really helped with our learning and was an excellent supplement to our History lessons, bringing everything to life. On behalf of everyone there, I would like to thank Mrs Tribich for coming along to give us such a rare experience.