Today sees the publication of this year's GCSE results and our year 11 students have received their grades this morning. As a cohort they have worked as hard, if not harder, than their predecessors and their grades are testament to their persistence and diligence during all their education, but especially in the last 18 months. Dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic has added a layer of challenge which all sectors of society have found hard to manage. For teenagers facing major public examinations and qualifications this has been especially hard - few teenagers have any experience of dealing with high levels of uncertainty, let alone one of this scale.

This year's students are equipped with the learning, knowledge and understanding to move on to the next stage of their education successfully. They will be able to build on their different experiences of learning to develop their particular interests in the future, and bring a really personal perspective to those studies, based on their recent experiences.

Managing education through the pandemic has challenged students, staff and families alike. This week's results give us all a chance to thank our community for their part in the successes our students have experienced. Staff have taught, guided, encouraged and supported, whilst also managing the assessment and grading process. Parents have also risen to the very significant challenge of blending home life with working and learning at home. All of these components have helped our students achieve, and the whole school community should be proud.