Thursday, 4th April, marked the official opening of the new Music Department. Parents, teachers and school officials attended this event. For most, it was their first experience exploring the building.

Dr Challoner’s has waited a long time for the new Music Department - it was something the school desperately needed. The new refurbished Music Department has given Challoner’s larger rooms in which to perform, practice and teach music, revitalising the subject at Challoner’s. Another benefit that this entails, is that now it is much easier for Visiting Music Teachers (VMTs) to teach their musical instrument because of the added space.

The official opening was a great event, speeches were given by Mr Atkinson (Headmaster of Challoner’s), Dan Lilley (the outgoing School Captain) and Matt Bourne (the incoming School Captain). It wasn’t just the school officials who were excited by the event, attendees were also eager to see the new Music Department and were amazed by the refurbishment, especially to the two main music rooms, where classes are taught.

Jazz Band and the Sax Quartet represented music at Challoner’s, showing to the audience not only the high standard of music that is performed at Dr Challoner’s, but also the enthusiasm of the pupils. The Jazz Band performed Defibrillator, Flight to Augusta, Honk and many other brilliant pieces. The audience loved the pieces played and gave large ovations to the performing musicians.