We are proud to say that at the end of last month, Mrs Black was awarded the Senior Wellbeing Champion award from mental health charity Mind, for 'prioritising mental health in the workplace'. This is an amazing honour, made more significant in that this is the first time the title has been awarded.

In her 14 years at Challoner's, Mrs Black has ceaselessly promoted mental health and wellbeing amongst both students and staff. The school are deeply grateful for her continued support, and we are glad to see that her work has been recognised more widely as well.

Mrs Black's review of staff wellbeing led to a number of initiatives that have collectively made a positive impact.

We know that often, pressures of work are a key cause of poor mental health for staff, and the impact of this within the teaching profession can be damaging to students’ education as well as to the members of staff affected.

Mrs Black recognises this and has taken significant steps to help ensure that the mental health of our staff is better understood and causes of stress and poor mental health are addressed.

Most importantly, Mrs Black has encouraged a shared responsibility for mental health and, as a result, it is no longer a taboo subject.

Mr Atkinson

As well as workplace initiatives, in the last two years students in Year 7 have been engaging with the Penn Resilience Programme. This course aims to provide young people with the skills to be able to positively and productively deal with challenging and emotional situations in their own lives. Raising awareness of mental health concerns and recognising that they are a challenge is the first step in being able to over come them. We would like to thank Mrs Black for leading the way in school for this approach, and Mind for the additional support they have provided.