Think you know Romeo and Juliet? Maybe you should think again, after the Year 12 Theatre Studies performance of Joe Calarco's radical re-interpretation of it for only four men and no props other than a red cloth and a book.

Shakespeare's R&J

Shakespeare's R&J is an adaptation of what could be called his biggest hit, but is played as a secret reading in the dead of night between four school boys who laugh and get caught up in the play's emotional turmoil as they perform it in their dormitory. Naturally, being four schoolboys ourselves, you might not think we'd have to act much for this examined piece, but consider that we were all playing several different roles (often each within minutes of the other) and never once left the acting area for the entire duration of the 45 minute-long piece. Think it was so easy now? I didn't think so!

Directed by Miss Wilson, the play was performed on a thrust staging layout, similar to the way that Shakespeare's masterpiece would have been shown at the Globe Theatre back in late 1500s. This gave the audience an up-close view of the action onstage and really threw them into the story, whose characters were played by Sam Keogh, Thomas Kershaw-Green, Elliot Mills and Sean Tadman. We now eagerly await beginning work on our devised performance later this year.