Over Easter four students from Challoner’s – Jay Patel, Charles Manning, Benjamin Raven, and myself – spent a day at Imperial College London and Brunel University to complete the final stage of the application process for the prestigious Arkwright Scholarship. The Arkwright Trust is an organisation that supports students through Sixth Form, giving them opportunities and experiences in engineering and technical design, so that they might be successful in further education and in their careers, and become future leaders in their field.

The application process has three stages. The first is online, and asks you to describe a specific project you have completed relating to engineering or technical design in some way. The second stage is a two-hour aptitude exam that tests your ability to develop and present proposals to solve problems: proposals that need to be inventive, feasible, and properly thought through.

It's in the bag

After completing the first two stages they may invite you to the final stage: the interview day. After a brief introductory talk applicants spend the morning working in teams of five on a particular task (pictured). Ours was to make an inflatable ‘tent’ out of large sheets of green polyethene and parcel tape, which the entire team could stand inside. Whilst this was happening, we were each taken out separately to have a 20 minute interview in front of two interviewers.

Thanks go to Mr Holt for allowing us this opportunity, and we look forward to July to find out if we have been successful in our application!