On Wednesday 2nd April the Young Shakespeare company came to Challoner's, armed with a few props, dialogue and characters prepared for their modern-day interpretation of Shakespeare's classic, timeless play: 'Romeo and Juliet'. With only a cast of five actors (and the additional few performers from the bold Year 9 audience) the group set about constructing theatre - but not in the play's format at first.

No, instead came a glance into the world of live performance, looking at how the team collate ideas to alter the script for a modern setting and how the play is rehearsed, with spotlights on body language, position, voice and movement (all vital considerations for those who will be taking Drama at GCSE). The students were not just present to watch - but to perform also. Some were involved during the play and rehearsal time whilst others contributed ideas to the group discussions on improving the play's segments.

With this dramatic taster, the troupe began to create theatre, with an audience on all four sides. The play, whilst keeping the original words of Shakespeare, stayed equally true to both the Bard, and the modern setting. With embellishments through costume, positioning and vocal expression the play not only came to life, but became clearer in the students' minds - useful for their English classwork, currently focussed around this text. It was hardly surprising that as the performers took their bows, triumphant, appreciative applause filled the hall.