With the Climbing Wall complete, we have now been able to set up a Climbing Club that meets twice a week. Every Wednesday Mr Holt runs a session for Year 10 students and on a Friday Mr Holloway’s session involves a small group of Year 11 students and a larger group of Year 7 students.

The Year 7 students are very ably supervised, instructed and inspired by Sam Arthur, Oskar Rice, James Carter and Tom Brown who also coach the Year 11 students. These four Sixth Formers qualified as indoor instructors through training provided by the school and without them the younger students simply could not enjoy the experience they do. Not only are they outstanding climbers themselves, happy to pass on their knowledge and experience, but more importantly, they have made the transition from practitioner to instructor exceptionally well. As the club grows in stature it will look to train other students who can take on the mantle from Sam, Oskar, James and Tom. It offers a highly valued opportunity for students to integrate across years, take on real responsibility and make friends in a challenging and rewarding environment.

It is hoped that House Climbing competitions will take place in the future and that, whether indoor climbing is enjoyed as a sport in its own right or as a pre-cursor to outdoor climbing, students will now be able to come along and enjoy the facility.