On 25th March, Dame Ellen MacArthur challenged young people in Oxford, including a group of sixth form students from Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, to join a re-design revolution at an event organised by her foundation at the Oxford Examination Halls. Dame Ellen was hosting the fifth and final in a series of educational ‘Project ReDesign’ workshops to tour the UK.

Students aged 16-18 from 33 schools were challenged to come up with solutions to cut the amount of rubbish sent to landfills each year and explore if, in a world of finite resources and rising energy costs, the UK’s waste problem is, in fact, a materials opportunity. Project ReDesign is supported by four of the country’s major blue chip companies, and the students; Josh Wilce, Chas Richardson, James Fretton, Joe Bungey, Harrison Gould and Max Shock spent time thinking creatively about what the future could look like. They had the opportunity to consult with representatives from these companies as well as presenting to Dame Ellen, and to experience leading-edge thinking about the circular economy.

Although not eventually victorious in the competitive element of the day, our students demonstrated flexibility, innovation and clarity of thinking to come up with really good ideas about what the future might look like. They should be proud that they were amongst only 1000 students given the opportunity to participate in this ground breaking event.