A group of Year 9 drama enthusaists who call themselves 'Ninth' were delighted this weekto perform Dennis Kelly's play, DNA. Ninth is a theatre group consisting of 15 boys from Year 9 and was formed in the Autumn Term this year by Mr Flower, with the objective of giving the participants a taste of what GCSE drama would be like. They met every Wednesday lunchtime in the studio to study performance skills and put them into practice. Over the past two terms they have studied the play DNA. After character analysis, casting, learning lines and rehearsing, the culmination of all their hard work was finally showcased to the school communty in two after school productions.

Planning the cover-up - Thomas Kershaw Green, Year 13

DNA is a complex play that deals with bullying, teenage perceptions of the world and issues of identity. When Adam, who had been victimised by the whole group, disappears and is thought to be dead, they try to cover up the incident by making up a story. Unfortunately for them, Adam is found but the boys have no incentive to put things right. The exploration of such complicated ideas from such young performers made for a truly outstanding play.


The production was designed as a promenade performance, using some Brechtian techniques such as direct address to the audience. The intense lighting and sound effects made for a truly immersive evening for the audience. The atmosphere created by the proximity of the audience to the actors was incredible - it challenged the actors and was at times very moving. There were some powerful performances from many of the cast, even though for some it was their first time on stage.


Congratulations to the entire company for their superb performances and to Mr Flower, without whom none of this would have been possible. Although Ninth has come to an end, GCSE Drama awaits these talented performers.